"Researching Music Censorship" Copenhagen, June 6th-8th 2013

The Researching Music Censorship network, which is funded by the Nordic research agency NordForsk, has for more than three years examined and discussed questions of freedom of expression in music in its broadest sense with Nordic and International researchers. The original objectives of the project stated: "The aim of the network is (will be) to promote and encourage the scholarly study of music censorship, and to research the role of music in relation to human rights and artistic freedom of expression in its broadest sense."

To conclude the three year project and to examine ways of continuing academic work on music censorship and artistic freedom of expression, the network has invited a number of international guests to discuss and rethink the themes with us in a final conference in Copenhagen, June 2013.

The conference, accordingly, seeks to present some of the most significant results of the RMC network activities, while it also intends to open the field to new perspectives on the study of music censorship and freedom of expression. It aspires to highlight the complexities of the issues and concepts involved, to encourage a contextualised understanding of music censorship and to address the academic challenges that are included.

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