ResearcRMC logohing Music Censorship is a researcher's network started in October 2010. The network has members from four Nordic countries; Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark and it includes researchers as well as PhD students. RMC collaborates closely with an international group of associated scholars who are leading in the field of music studies relating to censorship and freedom of expression.

The aim of RMC will be to promote and encourage the scholarly study of music censorship, and to research the role of music in relation to human rights and artistic freedom of expression in its broadest sense.

The network will question the often uncomplicated and simplified definitions of the concept in popular discourse, and based on a firm understanding of music as a socially organised means of communication and through identification and documentation of discourses on restrictions and regulations in musical expression, the participating researchers will examine global, regional and local frameworks for music censorship.

RMC has its secretariat at the University of Copenhagen and is funded by Nordforsk.